Reproductive Mental Health

The Reproductive Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital serves people with mental health concerns related to pregnancy, postpartum or other reproductive cycles. The program consists of an outpatient clinic, a psychiatry consultation service for clinicians, and a small team of mental health and maternity nurses who support pregnant and postpartum individuals admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit.

Up to 80 per cent of new birthing parents will experience what is known as the “baby blues”. This low mood, which can make you feel incredibly sad, tearful and emotional, is a response to the physiological and hormonal changes happening in your body. It typically occurs in the first two weeks after your baby is born.

If this low mood extends beyond two weeks and starts to impact your ability to function, you might be experiencing a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder like postpartum depression and you should see your health-care provider. They can refer you to a counsellor, the reproductive mental health program at St. Paul’s, or other community resources.

Outpatient reproductive mental health clinic

The outpatient reproductive mental health clinic supports you if you’re experiencing mental health problems related to pregnancy, postpartum, infant feeding, pregnancy loss, infertility, PMS, and perimenopause/ menopause. You need a referral from your physician. They can request a physician-to-physician consult (e.g., medication assessment) or ongoing reproductive psychiatric follow-up and care for you.

Outpatient reproductive mental health clinic referral form.

Once you’ve been referred to the clinic, you will be contacted by a nurse who will do an intake assessment and refer you to a psychiatrist for consultation and treatment. Appointments are available in person or virtually. Tele-psychiatry brochure.

The clinic is adding a cognitive behavioural therapy group. It will be offered virtually and be available to existing patients in the clinic.

Psychiatry consult liaison team

Psychiatrists work closely with the St. Paul’s Hospital Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Centre to develop a care plan for expectant parents who are admitted to the Centre and require a psychiatric assessment and consultation.

Inpatient perinatal mental health team

The inpatient perinatal mental health team supports pregnant or postpartum people who have been admitted to St. Paul’s Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry Unit for stabilization of acute mental health concerns.

A psychiatric clinical nurse specialist and maternity complex care coordinator will work together to ensure integrated pregnancy and psychiatric care while the person is in hospital.

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