Bereavement Supports

The death of a baby, at any stage of pregnancy or following birth, is a tragic experience. While it is a rare occurrence, it is a reality for some families. If the worst happens, we are there to support you and your family in your grief.

As part of our perinatal loss program, we provide initial grief counselling to families and help set up a grief support program for them once they go home. This could include grief support groups, individual counselling, or even online services for grief support. If the family wishes it, we connect them to our spiritual care program who can provide a blessing for the baby.

Families can spend as much time as they wish with their baby, and when they are ready, we help them navigate the details of funeral arrangements.

We provide each family who loses a child a memory box that includes a photo of their baby, locks of hair, and the baby’s footprints and handprints. The memory box also includes books to help parents, siblings and grandparents understand and process their grief.


If you or someone you know has lost a baby, the following resources might be helpful.