Obstetricians, commonly called OBs, are specialists who are trained to support both low and higher-risk pregnancies, such as those complicated by pre-existing medical conditions or obstetrical concerns. If you have a family doctor and they don’t deliver babies, they may refer you to an OB.

If you want to deliver at St. Paul’s Hospital, your family doctor or walk-in clinic physician can refer you to an OB who delivers at our hospital.  If medically indicated, your primary care provider may send you for a consultation with an OB during your pregnancy.

Obstetricians are specialists in pregnancy and birth and have the training and education to deal with the most complex situations. They don’t provide care for your baby postpartum but can help connect you to a family doctor or midwife to help care for your infant in the weeks immediately following birth.

If you don’t have a family doctor, we recommend you start looking for one while you are pregnant so there is someone in place to look after your baby once you leave hospital. Visit the BC College of Family Physicians website for information on how to find a family doctor.

Obstetricians who practice at St. Paul’s

Dr. Robert Anderson

Dr. Marketa Gogela

Dr. Elisabet Joa

Dr. Susan Kim

Dr. Andrea Massey

Dr. Nancy Mitenko

Dr. Fariba Mohtashami

Dr. Jennifer Oakes

Dr. Jennifer Yam