Mitra Latifiyan

Mitra Latifiyan

Midwifery has always been my passion. The miracle of new life has never ceased to amaze me and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of this very special time.

I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degree in midwifery from Tehran University. Over 10 years of experience, I practiced midwifery in various settings in Iran from clinics to maternity wards at hospitals. Meanwhile, I also taught midwifery, as a member of faculty, at a university for eight years.

Attending over 1500 births during 10 years of experience, as a midwife, built my confidence. In 2006, my family and I immigrated to Canada. I trained and certified as a DONA doula. Then I worked with many clients as a birth doula. I wanted to pursue my midwifery practice in Canada. In 2009, I entered the Midwifery Bridging Program at UBC (MMBP) to become a registered midwife with the College of Midwives of British Columbia. I have been working as a registered midwife in Vancouver since completing the program. I am also a clinical instructor at UBC. Alongside working as a midwife I studied to become a lactation consultant to assist the clients with breastfeeding issues. Currently, I am an International Certified Board Lactation consultant, IBCLC.

I have privileges at BC Women’s and St Paul’s Hospital.

I believe strongly in informed choice and because I see pregnancy, birth and motherhood as unique experiences, ones wherein women should feel respected and supported.

I look forward to caring for you during this amazing journey!