Giving Birth at St. Paul’s Hospital

To deliver your baby at St. Paul’s Hospital, you will need to find a care provider to look after you during pregnancy and childbirth. Your care provider can be a family doctor, registered midwife or obstetrician, depending on your health-care needs and personal preferences. If your baby has any medical issues during your hospital stay, a pediatrician may also be part of your care team.

Family Doctors at St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic

St. Paul’s Hospital has a small group of family doctors who specialize in low and moderate risk prenatal, delivery, and postpartum support, offering care which is based on patient values and up-to-date medical evidence. At St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic, the doctors focus on the physical, mental and social wellness of pregnant people and their families.

Their team of family doctors will provide care for pregnant people planning to deliver at St. Paul’s Hospital, including those who don’t have a family doctor and wish to self-refer.

Registered Midwives

Registered midwives are formally trained and fully integrated health-care professionals who offer primary maternity care to healthy, low-risk pregnant people and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, until about six weeks postpartum.

Midwifery care is covered through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) for BC residents. For a list of midwives who practice at St. Paul’s Hospital, visit the  Our Team section.


Obstetricians, commonly called OBs, are specialists who are trained to support both low and higher-risk pregnancies, such as those complicated by pre-existing medical conditions or obstetrical concerns. If you have a family doctor and they don’t deliver babies, they may refer you to an OB. If medically indicated, your primary care provider may send you for a consultation with an OB during your pregnancy.

For a list of obstetricians who practice at St. Paul’s Hospital, visit the Our Team section.


The Pregnancy, Birthing and Newborn Centre has a dedicated group of pediatricians to care for newborns. It is very likely you will meet a pediatrician during your hospital stay. They attend 80 to 90 per cent of births at the Centre. They care for babies delivered by caesarean section or babies who are born prematurely.


Doulas are welcome at the Pregnancy, Birthing and Newborn Centre. Trained professionals, they provide physical, emotional and informational support to you and your support person. They will work closely with the rest of your care team to ensure you have a positive and memorable birthing experience.  If you are interested in hiring a doula, visit the Doula Services Association of BC.