Family Practice Maternity Clinic

St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic is a team of family doctors who are passionate about providing pregnancy care for new parents. They specialize and are trained to provide low and moderate risk prenatal, delivery and postpartum care. The care provided is based on patient values and up-to-date medical evidence. At St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic, the physicians focus on the physical, mental and social wellness of pregnant people and their families. The goal of our care is to educate and empower families through their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

The physicians in the St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic are trained to provide comprehensive care during your pregnancy, delivery and immediately postpartum. They are also able to help you manage other medical conditions during pregnancy, including mental health concerns. They will support you and your baby in the first six weeks postpartum, providing baby care and infant feeding advice.

The St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic accepts referrals directly from pregnant people, as well as from physicians and midwives. If you are a physician or other health-care professional, please complete the referral form. Patients can self-refer by completing the referral form, calling 604-806-9342 or emailing

St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic doctors 

Dr. Jennifer Leavitt

Dr. Evelyne Perron

Dr. Heather McClenaghan

Dr. Melanie Van Soeren

Dr. Natalia Robledo

Dr. Ashnoor Nagji

Dr. Jan Ferguson

Dr. Karen Nordahl

Dr. Michelle Huget

Locum Physicians:

Dr. Niloufar Abdo

You can learn more about the St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic by visiting their website.

Clinic contact information

Phone number: 604-806-9342
Fax: 604-639-8506

Room 541
5th Floor, Burrard Building
St. Paul’s Hospital
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6