Our Services

The St. Paul’s Hospital Pregnancy, Birthing and Newborn Centre offers you the experience of delivering your baby in a small, personalized birthing unit, supported by a team of highly qualified and caring staff. We focus on you and your family, taking the time to understand your birth preferences and work with you to make your birthing experience positive and memorable.

We offer wraparound supports for parent and baby, including prenatal workshops, lactation support, postpartum follow up and mental health support. We welcome expectant parents from Vancouver who are planning a typical vaginal birth. To find a care provider who delivers at St. Paul’s Hospital, visit Our Team.

If you have existing complex care needs, you will be referred to St. Paul’s Hospital for the birth of your child. We have specialists in cardiology, kidney disease and mental health. We also offer the following clinics:

  • Fetal Monitoring Clinic: Your care provider may send you to the Fetal Monitoring Clinic to check your baby’s (fetal) heart rate pattern if that is necessary. It may be done only once, or you may need to come regularly. Appointments can take one to two hours and further tests or examinations may be needed.

  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic: The Centre works collaboratively with fetal medicine and ultrasound specialists for patients who have pregnancies with complex fetal conditions. This clinic will coordinate with relevant specialtists to arrange timely appointments as needed.

  • Ambulatory Obstetrical Clinic: Your care provider may send you to the Ambulatory Obstetrical Clinic for a consultation with an obstetrician. Obstetricians, commonly called OBs, are specialists who are trained to support both low and higher-risk pregnancies, such as those complicated by pre-existing medical conditions or obstetrical concerns.

  • Cardiac Obstetrics Clinic: This clinic supports people with heart disease who may be at high risk of developing cardiac and obstetrical complications during pregnancy resulting in increased maternal and fetal mortality. Operated in partnership with BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. By referral.

  • Renal Obstetrics Clinic

  • Outpatient Pediatrics Clinic: If your baby has an active medical issue at birth, the Pediatrics Clinic may follow your baby for a few weeks after your baby goes home. The team offers urgent or short term follow up once your baby has been discharged for things like weight loss or jaundice.
  • Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic: Staffed by a physician who is also a certified lactation consultant, the clinic provides additional breastfeeding support, including specific procedures and medications. Your can request a referral from your family physician or midwife.